VMware is apparently constructing a new converged infrastructure appliance — under the codename Project Mystic — to be branded by parent company EMC. As CRN points out, this will impact VCE, the converged infrastructure company backed by VMware, Cisco and EMC. CRN’s Kevin McLaughlin noted that this could be a reaction to VCE’s decision to support Cisco’s ACI software-defined-networking technology instead of VMware’s NSX. VMware had no comment.

Story posted at: crn.com

  1. This would be disruptive to both VMware’s and EMC’s partners. I know VMware has never been shy in disrupting partner relationships (Gelsinger’s MS DNA?), but this would seem an unusual move by EMC. An EMC manufactured converged device would put them in direct competition with their x86 server partners.

    Maybe EMC is reading the tea leafs. Hyper-Converged infrastructures are a “thing” and they need to stay ahead of the trend.

  2. Surely this will just be EMC answer to Nutanix but, based on vSAN so not coupled to the underlying hardware and therefore free of the hardware life cycle. Kinda makes sense if SDS starts to erode the traditional storage market and EMC bread and butter. Few customer will be sad to see the back of the traditional SAN hardware life cycle from their data center!

  3. Why would EMC so this when they have xtreme io, which is similar to vsan already? Makes no sense


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