After updating its News Feed last week, Facebook has introduced a one-column, minimalist look for Pages.

Last week, Facebook finally made good on a year’s worth of discussion by rolling out a scaled-back update to its News Feed. Now, businesses are getting an aesthetic change as well: The company announced via blog post Monday that it will roll out a simpler look for Pages, its platform for businesses.


The update to Pages is a necessary one, as the older, clunkier design has been phased out from pretty much every other corner of the platform. It also seems more thorough than the News Feed redesign, and coherent with the goals of Pages.

The biggest change is a one-column approach to Page posts. Currently, pages operate on a two-column, Timeline-style feed that was phased out for regular users long ago. Facebook says that the one-column look will ensure that posts show up regularly and consistently across the feed, which was a problem for the old look. In addition, the left-hand column viewable from the Pages platform now incorporates admin tools and analytics, including Likes and ad performance.

In addition to the new look, Facebook has added a new feature: Pages to Watch. Admins can use Pages to Watch to monitor the data and performance of some similar pages — giving context to page performance and showing businesses how they stack up against competition.

Feature image courtesy of Flickr/MarcinWichary

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  3. Joan-FindingLeads4U Wednesday, March 19, 2014

    Moving toward Mobile, are you there? Most read timelines on mobile today so changes will take place on most platforms. What sizing requirements are suggested with photo’s, has that changed again? Thanks for info Lauren, always appreciated.

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