Think you’ll have the best March Madness bracket this year? That’s a tough one but it’s easier to support your team now: Motorola introduced new college colors for the Moto X along with custom cases for dozens of universities.

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Here in the U.S., the wild and crazy March Madness season is almost upon us and office pools are soon starting for people to pick the winner of the NCAA college basketball tournament. That’s why I think Motorola’s newest promotion is brilliant: You can now customize a Moto X through Moto Maker with the colors of your favorite university.

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Motorola announced the new color choices in a blog post on Friday. The unlocked handset still costs $399 off-contract but those with a .edu email address can register to get a phone for $339, saving $60.

To get the collegiate look, Motorola added nine new back colors to the Moto X and three additional accent colors for the buttons. To make things easier, the Moto Maker site has pre-configured color choices for many colleges. And the company has worked a partnership with Uncommon for custom Moto X cases with 40 different college logos.

Odds are you might not win this year’s March Madness office pool, but at least you can look good by supporting your favorite team with a new Moto X in matching colors.

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  1. need lot more than colours to ramp up sales, sounds gimmicky

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