DigitalOcean offers an affordable IaaS for normals (non-techies) and is growing fast. Andreessen Horowitz noticed and is funding that effort.

photo: Temari 0

DigitalOcean, to mix a metaphor, is growing like a weed. The New York-based Infrastructure-as-a-Service provider caters to newbies who don’t necessarily know what “spinning up a VM” is, and it has done (ahem) swimmingly with that crowd.

Andreessen Horowitz noticed, and is leading a $37.2 million Series A funding round. IA Ventures, which provided $3.2 million in early seed funding, also participated. The new cash will help the company hire top engineers and keep building out product features and infrastructure to support its growing customer base.

In January, Netcraft called DigitalOcean the world’s fastest growing cloud hosting service and the fifteenth largest overall, at least in terms of number of web-facing computers. The headline there was that DigitalOcean was growing faster than industry leader Amazon Web Services, which is really not a big whoop when you consider how huge AWS already is and that DigitalOcean was growing from a much smaller base.

Still, growth is growth and to keep up with this workload, the company opened a second data center in Amsterdam in December and another in Singapore two months later, bringing its total data center count to six worldwide.

And with growth come growing pains. Earlier this week, the company’s Singapore region experienced massive DDOS attacks, as evidenced by comments on this earlier DigitalOcean story. I guess that comes with the territory.

DigitalOcean team

Feature photo courtesy of Temari 0

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    Making cloud droplets easy for the lamen pays off :)

  2. “newbies who don’t necessarily know what ‘spinning up a VM’ is”

    This may not necessarily be true. I for one know exactly what spinning up a VM is, but between AWS’s terrible interface and not enough hours in the day, I often just don’t want to deal with the particulars. A hosted solution is a boon.

    1. i agree… i was just trying to show DO is more palatable to non techies than AWS but maybe it’s more palatable for techies too.

      1. Great article BTW, glad these guys are getting the exposure they deserve.


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