Didn’t get enough of the Samsung Galaxy S5 last week? No worries as Samsung shared a detailed look at the new phone today, showing a refined, simpler experience combined with new, useful features.

Samsung Galaxy S5 lifestyle gym
photo: Samsung

Now that Samsung has announced the Galaxy S5, it’s time for the company to start showing off all of the phone’s features in details. Samsung published its first promo video for the Galaxy S5 on Tuesday, which was spotted by Android Central, and it’s a good example of why the phone looks far more user-friendly and less complicated than its predecessor.

Samsung touches upon all the Galaxy S5 specifications as expected, but focuses more on the features, giving a better understanding of how the phone will actually work. Quite a bit of time is spent on the camera interface, along with the dual-focus feature that lets you choose which section of the image will be the focal point after taking the shot, as well as the new fingerprint sensor. I still have doubts about that particular function as it may require two hands to use and you have to swipe your finger vertically across the sensor.

Also highlighted are the Galaxy S5 health tracking apps, which tie in directly to the company’s Gear Fit bracelet. You can see how the phone’s LED flash is integrated with a heart rate monitor. And there’s a brief demonstration to illustrate how the Galaxy S5 download booster works: The phone can speed up data transfers by using both Wi-Fi and LTE at the same time to receive files.

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  1. Ralph rosema Tuesday, March 4, 2014

    Ii have mine reserved .I have always had galaxy s right from the first edition and will never buy anything else . I am a big samsung fan love there products .I have never had any problems with any of there phones. keep it up Samsung

    1. Make sure you wait to see if the rumored Galaxy F will debut in April/May before you make the jump.

  2. Anavil Patel Tuesday, March 4, 2014

    I love samsung galaxys but this was a disappointment from the galaxy s4. I was hoping for more. I’ll wait for gs6

  3. Leroy Wilson Tuesday, March 4, 2014

    is this thing supposed to be better than the note 3

  4. It’s trying to be like an iPhone too much . I don’t like how they changed the look of the phone on the back it make the phone look like the galaxy phones before the S4

    1. Android trying to be like iPhone too much? What about that iOS7 iPhone has? THAT’S TRYING TO BE LIKE ANDROID!

  5. Will the S5 have emojis that can be seen on social media and Iphones?

  6. How do you get emojis?

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