With the toy industry stagnating due to competition from digital games, Lego is among the companies looking at 3D printing as a potential fix. The Danish plastic brick manufacturer told The Financial Times that it is considering “what potential opportunities there are for consumers.” Legos are very easy to print on home 3D printers (in fact, some people are already printing them). 3D printing also opens up the opportunity for highly customized shapes, which could expand what people are able to make. But Lego isn’t considering 3D printing bricks itself; it’s more about printing them efficiently, and currently prints about 2,000 bricks a second.

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  1. Finally they wake up! Took them a while.

    They should get into 3D printing, sell printers and raw.
    Sell kits with the 3D plans and the non-printable parts.
    Open a free store for plans where people can upload modded designs.
    Market 3D printing as parents spending creative time with kids and cheaper toys.
    Expand to a lot more toys than just Lego style toys.
    Use all this just as a Trojan to push 3D printing forward and then move forward to 3D printing non-toys.
    Or they could just let someone else use toys as an in for3D printing and fall behind the curve.

  2. Barnacules Nerdgasm Monday, March 3, 2014

    LEGO came after me for printing LEGO compatible blocks in PLA material. I ultimately won and got my video back but it’s funny now they are considering it :P

  3. 3-D printing has a very strong chance to change the way consumers see children’s toys. I hope our industries don’t write 3-D printing off as a gimmick, and continue to improve the technology.

  4. Lego also recently got awarded with 2 3D Printing patents:
    Things are about to get interesting

  5. I think it would be better if they had a few brick and mortar stores where kids can come in/bring in their own designs…like Build-a-Bear Workshop

  6. Henrik Sjödin Saturday, April 26, 2014

    I waited several years for a cockpit to the two-level Airbus A380 from Lego. Finally I realized that this will probably never reach the market. So I made one myself with a Computer Aided Design software and a 3D-priner. My son was pleased this Christmas…

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