Apple has been pushing for a windowed release strategy for new music, according to a Billboard report. In talks with record label executives, Apple has pointed to the latest Beyonce album as a possible blueprint for future releases: iTunes offered Beyonce’s self-titled album as an exclusive for one week when it was released in December. After that, it also sold at other retailers, but Spotify and other streaming services only got two tracks. Apple executives think that such windows could boost digital downloads, which declined by 5.7 percent last year.

Updated: This story has been corrected to reflect that it declined 5.7 percent last year, not 57 percent.

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Story posted at: billboard.com

  1. money kills art

    1. Art is dead because of lack of money.

  2. Richardmlive Monday, March 3, 2014

    Decimal point issues? 57% decline or 5.7%..?

    1. Thanks for catching Richardmlive. It’s been fixed.

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