Big names Mark Lucovsky, Vadim Spivak, Richard McAniff, Karen Poole team up to make mobile story telling drop-dead simple.


If you like sharing photos or videos or following friends on Twitter or Facebook, you should check out Steller — something its creators at startup Mombo Labs call a “trivially simple” way to create multipage, mixed-media stories to share.

Say you go to the beach or a World Series Game, Steller lets you capture video, photos, add text and tell the story of your day — all on your iPhone.

And Steller itself has a pretty great back story. It’s the latest project by Mark Lucovsky — former star engineer at Microsoft, Google, and VMware. When he left VMware in September 2013, he was secretive about his plans but he did say he would be a “customer of cloud, not a maker.” And so he is. The cloud in Steller’s case is Heroku.

Lucovsky and colleagues Vadim Spivak (who built a little thing called BOSH) and Richard McAniff (both also VMware vets) have built a way for users to easily create and share narratives on their iPhones. Karen Poole leads the visual design of the product.

Click on the image below for a little test drive.


  1. How long before I can load that on my Note3? Come on people. Get over the iPhone centricity.

  2. Nice simple app…but I don’t see anything impressive about the functionality. It basically looks like a stylized photo album or a simplified power point presentation. Nonetheless…in software, like cooking, presentation matters and simplicity is a good thing. If this becomes popular, I fully expect this to be blatantly copied across the board by Apple, Instagram, etc.

  3. big names, little app. yawn.

  4. Been looking for something new! All the big social media sites have become boring nowadays.

  5. Just went and found examples popping up on twitter @stellerstories and #steller that look very cool, definitely will give this a try!


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