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Facebook email, a service you probably never used, is going to the app graveyard today.

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Facebook has finally called it quits on the email service it created in 2010, a project designed to “save time” and “unify” email that never got off the ground. The Verge reports that the social media giant will now automatically forward @fb.com email addresses to the primary listed address on Facebook profiles, rendering the service moot.

Users were notified today via a pop-up:

Facebook’s email failure seems to be adoption — or, more specifically, lack of adoption. Although the company tried to get users to connect on Facebook email by changing every user’s listed address as @fb.com, the service was never integrated or differentiated enough from the company’s old messaging experience to become its own tool. The result was a half-hearted attempt at mail that faded into the background — hardly the “seamless messaging experience” Facebook presented it as years ago.

  1. fratzengesicht Monday, February 24, 2014

    Pop the Champagne, facebook is finally dying!


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