The old Samsung Chromebook is getting long in the tooth and it appears a successor is coming soon. Actually, make that two successors according to a company taking pre-orders early.

Samsung ARM Chromebook 3G

The $249 Samsung Chromebook that’s been around since October 2012 is due for a refresh, and it looks as if it will come in the form of two new Chromebooks. OMG Chrome noticed that B&H Photo started taking pre-orders for the new devices this past weekend. They’re $299 and $399, depending on the model.

Samsung Chromebook XE303

There’s little information to go on, but it appears that the $299 version will replace the current $249 model. The product listing mentions Exynos, which is the name for Samsung’s own ARM-based processor. Samsung uses an Exynos in its current Chromebook and the HP Chromebook 11 uses the same chip, which generally powers smartphones and a few Samsung tablets. The listing says “4-16 GB,” which I take to mean 4 GB of memory and 16 GB of internal storage. The former would be a nice boost over the more common 2 GB memory configuration found on many of today’s Chromebooks.

The second model doesn’t mention Exynos at all; I’d interpret that to mean it will use a Haswell-based Intel chip, just like the latest batch of Chromebooks. Again, the listing says 4 GB, which is likely the amount of memory. With that configuration, the device should perform admirably — likely twice as fast as the cheaper model. B&H’s website says this will be a 13.3-inch Chromebook, so it would likely compete with and compare best to Toshiba’s Chromebook, which is also a 13-inch device.

  1. Pages have been removed from both listings

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  2. 4GB RAM paired with Exynos could be a mistake or an indication that they are about to reveal something based on A57 or a custom core and that’s more than just speculation about the timing of such a SoC.

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  3. If it uses the same Exynos processor in the Galaxy Note Pro I’d advise steering well clear. That thing is slow, and I’ll be returning mine today.

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  4. Fan or Fanless? B&H listing for the new 11.6″ said Exynos 5 before they took the web page down. If this is the new chip will it require a fan or will it still be fanless?

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