A company called Carrier IQ is trying to help mobile carriers serve their customers better by using machine learning algorithms to diagnose problems with their smartphone, such as poor battery performance or call quality. A smart use of the technology would be for carriers to get proactive in helping customers resolve their problems before they get annoyed enough to call customer service or, in an increasingly non-contractual industry, just go elsewhere without letting a carrier know they’re leaving. The holy grail of big data, after all, is to actually be able to be proactive.

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  1. Carrier IQ, the same guys who got caught in a controversy in 2011 with their keylogger and rootkit found on many handsets?

  2. I believe it turned out that Keylogger was from HTC – See the HTC settlement with FTC.

  3. I remember this rootkit story – sounds like This Is their Latest Attempt To Get A Trojan Horse Onto Handsets. Battery booked my ass.

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