New York hip hop trio De La Soul is making its entire back catalog of music free to download. According to Rolling Stone, all the group’s albums will be free to download for a period of 25 hours, starting Friday at 8AM PT until Saturday at 9AM, from its official website. The group is doing this to celebrate the 25th anniversary of its classic debut 3 Feet High and Rising. And this is actually your best bet for a getting a digital copy of the group’s work, since many of the samples used in its music have prevented a number of albums from being sold through iTunes, Amazon and Google Play.

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  1. That is classic! No better way to open your website and gain publicity! Love it! More artists should do it!

  2. Just went through the process and then got this message from Dropbox (where the music is stored, apparently):

    “Error (509)
    This account’s public links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled!”

    Bummer! De La Soul is piece of hip-hop history. I was looking to refresh my library and pick up some of the extras.

    1. Update: Looks like downloads are going thru now. So either Dropbox lifted the restriction or is managing the bandwidth periodically.

      1. I applied before the deadline but still didn’t get my music. I want to complain to someone but all I can do is cry….

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