The growing popularity of Netflix in Canada has resulted in calls for regulation, reports The Toronto Star. The Canadian Media Production Association, which represents English-language filmmakers in Canada, wants to tax Netflix’s service, and force the company to invest in local film production. The group also wants Netflix to take a tougher stance against VPN services that allow users to access the company’s service in other countries, possibly to make sure that Canada’s users don’t access U.S. films that haven’t been licensed for their country yet.

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Story posted at: thestar.com

  1. If you can’t compete have the government use its giant hammer to smash your competition.

    1. Governments would want to do this anyway, because they’re missing out on a lot of taxes. Expect to see even more of this in the future.

      Not just movies, but all digital content there is, pretty much crosses the borders without any taxation.

      1. We here in Canada already pay almost double the American rates for our digital services. If Canadian film and T.V. producers want us to watch their content then maybe they need to stop hiding under the very wide and all too powerful umbrella of the CRTC and start delivering a quality product. And if Canadian content providers want us to watch what they have to offer then they need to stop being so greedy and start charging fair and competitive rates instead of having the CRTC tell us that we have no choice. As a kid I though I’d be able to watch whatever I wanted on T.V. when I grew up but of course then I did not know that the CRTC was going to be babysitting me for the rest of my life!!!

        1. Thank you Karen Burns. I have yet to hear a plausible excuse for CRTCs existence other than protecting the financial interests of 1% of the population. To an average Canadian its insane that some group of people I have no access to decide how I spend my free time, or what information I can consume.

          I have yet to find any ISP speed indexes for Canadian companies as well. We already know several of them were intentionally choking Netflix as well.

  2. Canadian programming is already taxing enough.

    1. Thank you Randy3023!. That was hilarious. I laughed so hard I was afraid I’d woken the whole household.


    Pitiful proposal from entitled jerkoffs.

    If they screw over canucks using netflix to legally watch stuff? Piracy will explode again. If hey somehow manage to curb piracy (which, let’s be honest is a victimless crime), people will simply stop consuming content.

    The days of 80$ a month cable bills (in 1993 dollars) are over. As for canadian content? Other than “Trailer Park Boys” it has all been garbage and an utter waste of tome and money.

    That they want to be subsidized like crack addict welfare recipients who produce nothing of value….. pathetic.

  4. The growing popularity of Netflix in Canada has resulted in calls for regulation, reports The Toronto Star.

    I suspect that the popularity of Netflix is due to the advertising industry losing viewers from commercial TV channels – where watching just three hours of TV includes an hour or more of commercials.


  5. Steven Cummings Sunday, March 16, 2014

    Crtc / hrc….F.O.A.D !

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