Apple has acknowledged that some late 2013 models of the MacBook Pro and Mac Pro are having problems with Airplay mirroring and issued a potential fix.

MacBook Pro
photo: Apple

Is your relatively new MacBook Pro or Mac Pro having trouble with the Airplay function? There might be a fix. Apple on Wednesday posted a support document that acknowledges an issue with Airplay mirroring dropping or freezing when it’s used with a late 2013 MacBook Pro or Mac Pro over 802.11 b or g Wi-Fi.

The solution? Turn off Bluetooth. To do this, simply click on the Bluetooth icon in the upper right corner of your screen and choose Turn Bluetooth Off. Keep in mind this might not solve your problem completely — according to Apple, it might just “enhance the performance of Airplay considerably.”

And that might not be the most convenient solution if you’re using for Bluetooth for another product, like a mouse. Since the problem seems to be limited to the wireless b/g networks, you can also try updating to a new router that supports 802.11 ac. This is a newer networking standard that delivers faster throughput and greater range, and can likely solve the problem (along with giving you a nice speed boost overall in the Wi-Fi department).

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    Hopefully this issue will be fixed soon. In the meantime this may help.

  2. Pretty simple reason really… 802.11b, g, and n all use 2.4Ghz, sharing the same frequency band as bluetooth… By using 802.11a, n, and ac in 5Ghz mode only, you essentially work around this problem. You will notice similar problems if you are using WiFi and bluetooth streaming simultaneously on pretty much any mobile phone too…

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