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After 3D Systems lowered its expectations for earnings per share for the last quarter of 2013 this morning, its stocks took a dive, bringing fellow 3D printing companies like Stratasys and Voxeljet down as well. 3D Systems was down 27.4 percent this morning and has since bounced back a little bit to being down 15.07 percent, closing at $64.34. The company lowered its expectations after higher than expected spending on research and development, sales and marketing expenses and acquisition concentration costs.

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  1. 3D printing faces the same problem as Microsoft’s first Surface table. There is no compelling user story justifying the cost/space for enough people. You can staple together several unrelated usage cases, but a single machine will never be in all those situations/locations. The 3D printer making ad hoc screws in a hardware store isn’t making spare parts in a remote village. There just aren’t enough people with real reasons to make objects all the time.

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