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In lieu of a big Super Bowl ad, Apple on Monday celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Mac with a video shot around the world on the iPhone.

Apple mac 30 anniversary video

Apple on Monday posted a video to its website celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of the Mac. Though it’s not the follow up to the “1984” Super Bowl ad that some were expecting, it’s a pretty neat video that was shot around the world in one day using the iPhone.

Directed by Jake Scott (the son of Ridley Scott, who directed the iconic 1984 commercial), the video was filmed across five continents and edited, naturally, on Macs.

Even with an iPhone 5s and a new Mac Pro, however, I wouldn’t expect to put together something quite this accomplished-looking on your own. Apple acknowledges that some extra resources were needed: “In the end, while some additional equipment was used, much of the footage was captured with the iPhone alone.”

Still, it’s a cool video that shows the influence of Apple products around the world. And after what turned out to be a pretty disappointing Super Bowl, it looks as if Apple made the right decision to save millions of dollars on airtime and release the video online without spending a dime.

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  1. For your information, the guys between 1min06 and 1min09 are french. They did their performance in Montreal (video with english subs here : http://youtu.be/uwsyBhM3PpA) and they did again that show in Lyon, France, that´s what we see in this video…

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