Your desktop may soon start reminding you when to leave the office due to traffic or tell you when a package is out for delivery: Google Now isn’t just for phones and tablets any more.

google now desktop

In what looks to be a concerted push, Google added official support for Google Now in the developer channel for Chrome OS this week. The move follows Google Now appearing in the experimental Chrome Canary build just a few days prior. The feature is still in the works but if you want to try it on a Chromebook, just enable the chrome://flags/#enable-google-now flag.

Not all types of Google Now cards are available yet, but I’ve already found the feature very useful. I explain more in this week’s Chrome Show podcast and we also discuss how to get the Desktop mode of Chrome back in Windows 8.1 along with other Chrome news for the week. Tune in below to hear the show or download the episode here.

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