Pioneering digital music site Last.fm just launched a radio product powered by YouTube videos that will help to keep the music streaming, without adding to Last.fm’s music licensing bill, according to hypebot. Last.fm was one of the first sites to analyze listeners’ music collections and generate personalized radio streams, but the site has been on a steady decline ever since CBS bought it for $280 million in 2007.

Story posted at: hypebot.com

  1. It’s all find and dandy until they pick up the wrong video from YouTube, and you hear some kid doing an off-key cover of LTD’s “Wontcha stay with me”…

  2. I think this shows a steepening of the aforementioned decline.

    The sound quality on some of the YouTube videos is better than own Last.fm’s (weak & outdated) player, but on others is it dismal and there’s the issue of having to change volume setting every couple of tracks as nothing is normalised.

    A lot of users (like me) will cling to Last.fm due to their ‘Scrobbling’ history, but that is becoming increasingly irrelevant now. A real shame.

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