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Blueprint Health’s Winter 2014 class offers enhanced communication and efficiency for everyday tasks at hospitals, clinics and care facilities.

It’s an old saying that time is money, and the healthcare system wastes a lot of money as it spends a lot of time doing everyday tasks. As the U.S. continues to lead the world in hospital expenditures, the companies involved in health startup accelerator Blueprint Health’s Winter 2014 have a particular focus on saving healthcare institutions money by making these tasks more efficient.

This class, the health accelerator’s fifth, tackles hospital activities at a variety of points, from analyzing a patient’s readmission risk post-discharge to assisting first-responders with communicating to hospitals. The companies have big shoes to fill from the accelerator’s previous class: For example, Artemis is on track to do $2 million worth of revenue this year, and SpotMe has gained 400,000 users.

Meet the companies in the latest class:

BoardRounds – A platform that encourages healthcare providers to follow up with patients post-discharge by assigning a likelihood that the patient will be readmitted in the future.

Decisive Health – A treatment planning tool kit that enables people suffering from long-term illnesses to coordinate with customized, long-term health plans.

MediQuire – Offers performance metrics for clinicians to track efficiency and effectiveness, offering customized education for doctors in areas where they need work.

ProofPilot – An online platform that helps doctors conduct studies, including recruiting volunteers, engaging tests and tracking data.

PulseBeat – Offers a communication system between patients with long-term illnesses and caregivers that monitor their health via wearable technology and customizable SMS messages and emails.

RubiconMD – Facilitates asynchronous communication between primary physicians and specialists to help determine whether a patient needs specialized care.

Twiage – A mobile app that offers real-time information transfer between EMT/first responders and emergency rooms.

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  1. Glenn Espinosa Sunday, January 19, 2014

    Band aid solutions to a dying system.

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