The Hershey Company plans to inject some modernity into its 120 year old chocolate making operation by pairing with 3D Systems to explore ways to 3D print chocolate. 3D Systems, which just announced two machines capable of 3D printing sugar and chocolate, said in its press release that it sees the Hershey’s partnership as an opportunity to expose more people to the emerging technology. While neither company said exactly what the deal will entail, involving 3D printing means people will likely be given the option to print custom chocolate shapes.

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  1. and maybe they’ll get old skool with the product they put into their chocolate at the same time …. sigh. tired of greedy companies doing stupid things to humanity. wtf. #zombiefoodprovider.

  2. Not only Hersheys but hobbyists and professional designers are also using 3D printing.

  3. I’m pretty sure Willy Wonka pioneered this with WonkaVision.

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