Microsoft is the “most trusted and essential tech brand,” according to 4,551 U.S. adults recently surveyed by Forrester Research. But all is not lost, fanboys: Apple had the highest overall ranking for being unmistakeable and remarkable. It’s just that Apple  is not viewed as essential as Microsoft. The survey gauges customer preference of one brand over others, their willingness to pay a premium and other factors.

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Story posted at: geekwire.com

  1. If Apple ever decides to double-down and penetrate the enterprise you’ll see this article in reverse – “Apple beats Microsoft in consumer mindshare”

  2. What is the demographic mix? Says across All generations.
    Unfortunately for MS, it’s not just Apple fanboys, but the youth that will be buying products in the future.
    My bet is the young’uns hardly see MS as essential by usage data and subscriber base.

    Not defending Apple, but MS spends how many times more on marketing brand rather than improving product?

    Looking in the rear view mirror and driving will only get you injured.

  3. Apple Investor Friday, January 10, 2014

    You Have to be out of your mind to print such a ridiculous comment.

  4. Forgive me… Forrsester Research? lets get something from a group that is not in IT’s pocket.

  5. Srihari Yamanoor Sunday, January 12, 2014

    Not an MS fan, but it makes sense right? You have to be out of your mind, or lack one to stand in long lines and pay for white bricks…

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