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The British carrier EE, which got a headstart on its rivals in offering high-speed 4G/LTE mobile broadband, said on Tuesday that it now has over 2 million 4G subscribers. What’s more, takeup seems to be accelerating – it took 10 months to score a million, and only 4 months to score the second million – and EE claimed it has the fastest 4G sign-up rate outside South Korea. The company, a joint venture of Deutsche Telekom and Orange, also said its LTE services would cover 70 percent of the UK population by the end of this month.

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    This is actually quite impressive and shows the impact re jigging prices and data tariffs has had in the light of actual competition from its rivals. It also seems to contradict Three accusation that EE has a ‘disappointing’ launch. (http://www.mobiletoday.co.uk/News/27668/Three_accuses_EE_of_a_disappointing_4G_launch.aspx).


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