Here are some things to look out for at the Consumer Electronics Show: really sharp TV pictures, wireless music and not much on the phone front.


It’s the second most wonderful time of the year — CES time! The Consumer Electronics Show invades Las Vegas next week and we’re giving you a sneak peek. Though, to be fair, as our intrepid gadgeteers Janko Roettgers and Kevin Tofel point out — a lot of what to expect has already been released through various leaks and pre-announcements.

But don’t let that stop you from enjoying a fun-filled discussion about some great gear and devices as well as a little detour into ABC putting up a paywall in front of its TV episodes and how that impacts cord cutting.

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Hosts: Chris Albrecht, Tom Krazit
Guests: Kevin Tofel, Janko Roettgers

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  1. Chris you forgot more IoT/IoE stuff…

    1. Hi James,

      We talk about the IoT stuff in this episode! Plus, we have a whole IoT podcast around CES: http://gigaom.com/2013/12/31/whats-ahead-for-the-internet-of-things-our-ces-preview-podcast/

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