How iPhones make anorexia worse; Bitcoin and political ideology; the David and Goliath equation; the 1200 year old phone; resurgence of al-Qaida and New York’s attempt to become a tech-hub — these are some of the stories on the menu this weekend.

Weekend Plans

For some odd reason, I have not been able to add a diverse enough reading materials to the mix this week and as a result, there is an unusually large number of tech-centric stories on my recommendation list. Here are the picks for this weekend.

  1. Great lineup thanks for the versatility and the originality

  2. Om, that 1200-year-old phone is bloody astounding. We’re liable to find a Mayan electric car under a pyramid, next.

  3. Though I dont know much about Hunger games and Bunches of guys . It feels the same to me you know.


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