JavaScript is everywhere but Dart as a potential replacement is — so far — only going to be in Chrome. See the challenge? Our recommended extension on this week’s podcast should bring back memories from the days of DOS.

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As much change as we’ve witnessed in Chrome over just the past year, much more is coming. Dart is Google’s answer to an aging JavaScript web world, although it won’t totally replace it for programming. Still, it’s an interesting situation since Google is building Dart support directly into Chrome. Will other browsers follow suit? We also discuss Dell’s Chromebook entry and go old school with our Chrome Extension of the week.

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Hosts: Chris Albrecht and Kevin C. Tofel


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Dude, you’re getting a Dell (Chromebook, that is)

HP Chromebook 11 power unit officially recalled

Holy Sheets! Google’s spreadsheets get better

Dart in Chrome, yes, but what about other browsers?

Dev channel gets the same “OK Google” interface as Android

Chrome Apps. On your Mac. Whoa.

More use of Chrome in Metro mode on Surface Pro 2

Extension of the week: DOSBox for running old DOS games offline – and more (hat tip to Joshua Hall)

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  1. Way to be Kevin, you activated voice search on my Chromebook 11 during your podcast. :)

    1. Sorry about that! I often forget to turn off or remove my phones from the office when doing the show and I have the same thing happen. ;)

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