The new version of the Norwegian software firm’s gesture-centric browser also claims speed and security enhancements.

Opera Coast

Opera’s iPad browser, Coast, saw its debut back in September, offering a tab-free, gesture-centric approach to navigating the web on a tablet. Now a new version is out, touting more customization opportunities and tighter integration with music services.

Web music services such as Soundcloud will now demonstrate their nature on the Coast home screen icons – the closest the browser comes to a bookmarks toolbar – with a small animation of a graphic equalizer. That home screen can now also bear a user-chosen background image.

PDF integration has also been improved, so users can choose to open up a PDF in another app on the device. Meanwhile, the Norwegian software firm is also claiming enhancements in terms of speed and security – according to Opera, Coast “has been updated to recognize attacks even better.”

Opera suggested in its announcement that Coast’s reception had been very positive. However, the company is yet to give details about the level of uptake — this will be interesting to track, as the browser really does seem to offer something different from its rivals.

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