AT&T said today it is selling its wireline operations in Connecticut to Frontier Communications for $2 billion, effectively exiting the state as a local telephone and broadband provider. AT&T has hinted in the past it might sell its “unimproved” DSL lines, following in Verizon’s footsteps, but it looks like it wants to shed parts of its improved copper network as well. It’s U-Verse fiber-to-the-node service is available in parts of Connecticut. AT&T Connecticut is actually the former Southern New England Telephone, and it stands aloof from AT&T’s traditional territory in the southern and western U.S. AT&T said it would use the proceeds from the sale to fund its IP transformation strategy, Project VIP.

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  1. Will the old PAC Bell and Ameritech Territories be next?

    1. Or Bell South even…

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