The Los Angeles Times reports that Walmart is planning to offer the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c at significant discounts through December 24. You can get an iPhone 5c for as little as $27.

iPhone 5c
photo: Apple

Good news for all the last-minute holiday shoppers out there: Walmart is planning to offer a big sale on Apple’s latest iPhones, along with a few other Apple products, starting Friday, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The iPhones are the best part of the sale. You’ll be able to pick up a new iPhone 5c with a two-year contract from AT&T or Verizon for just $27, down from its original $99 on-contract price. The iPhone 5s will see a discount as well, available for $127 with a two-year contract, down from $199. There’s no word on Sprint or T-Mobile devices, so it looks like those users will be out of luck.

You can also pick up an original iPad mini for the same $299 as usual, but it’ll come with a $50 gift card (the report doesn’t say whether the gift card will be for Apple or for Walmart, though I imagine it’s the latter). And $30 iTunes gift cards will be on sale for $25.

Though $27 for an iPhone 5c is a great deal, $127 for an iPhone 5s is arguably the better one. After all, Walmart already sells the iPhone 5c for $45 with a contract, whereas the iPhone 5s has remained pretty firm at $199.

The sale starts at 8AM Friday and prices will remain in effect through December 24 or while supplies last.

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  1. I have been wanting one of these for 2 years

  2. Yes, but can you buy an iPhone “device only” at that discount? Hard to find anybody that sells iPhones at less than full MSRP.

  3. Wow! To use with the darkest gadget you could ever imagine in 2014, Snooperscope is the first Night Vision Device for the 5C and 5S http://kck.st/1fPZLyx

  4. wow, these are great prices

  5. Question. Is there an iPhone 5? Bought an Iphone at Walmart — Not 5c, but 5. Thought it was the 5s, but now wondering if in fact it really is since it doesn’t have an “s” at the end.

    1. The iPhone 5 is last year’s model. Apple replaced it with the iPhone 5c.

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