Bloomberg TV launched live and on-demand video on Apple TV Wednesday, and now wants to bring its service to other smart TV platforms.


Bloomberg TV launched an app on Apple TV devices Wednesday morning that includes a live feed of the cable networks financial news programming as well as access to on-demand videos. The live feed is available without authentication, something that Bloomberg TV Head of Mobile Oke Okaro attributed to the channel’s agreements with pay TV operators during a recent interview, which differ from those in place for many other news networks.

Bloomberg TV’s relationship with pay TV operators has been a point of contention in the past, with Bloomberg suing Comcast to prevent the operator from placing the channel in the triple digits, away from most other news networks.

However, Okaro argued that the new Apple TV channel is not a way to bypass pay TV operators. Instead, he said, it’s a possibility to get a bigger audience for on-demand programming that has been particularly successful on mobile. “Those things have been paying really good dividends,” he said, adding that Bloomberg has seen triple-digit growth in mobile video year-over-year.

Bloomberg now wants to bring its app to other smart TV platforms, Okaro said: “This is an area that we are very committed to.”

Apple also added Disney’s Watch ABC app, Sony’s Crackle and the Korean TV app KORTV to the Apple TV Wednesday.

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  1. Bloomberg live, NHK English live and Skynews live has been available on the Roku box for some time now. AppleTv needs to catch up

  2. I really appreciate your website!! Thank you for an outstanding job!!

  3. wow this will really get the Apple fanboys to line up for Apple TV – they have been dying to get their hands and eyes on FREE BLOOMBERG BUSINESS NEWS hahahahaha

  4. It sounds great as Bloomberg TV is not available in Canada on Cable or Dish Service, now with Apple TV that will be a good addition.

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