Prepaid mobile operators Straight Talk and Net10 will start selling the iPhone 5s and 5c at Walmart stores starting Dec. 13. Customers will have to pay sticker price for the devices ($549 to $649 for the 16 GB versions, though financing options are available), but they can tap into the two companies’ cheap no-contract smartphone data plans. Straight Talk’s start at $45 while Net10’s start at $50 and include 2.5 GB of data each month along with unlimited calls and texts. Both companies are mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) run by TracFone, which has seen a big spurt in growth recently thanks in part to these new smartphone-friendly plans.

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  1. which carrier?

    the iphone 5 is verizon 3g only, not the best option.

  2. Why not just buy the phone off contract and buy the SIM of your choice? But if you are already all budget minded, might I suggest a Nexus 5 at half the price.

  3. Nexus 5 is complete junk… Don’t waste your money. IPhone is a much wiser choice.

  4. $550 for a 3G phone is a wise choice? That’s good

  5. I ended up logging in with my Twitter account to post this. I told myself several months ago I wasn’t going interact with this site anymore until I could login with my google account. So….I see that the +1 shows up if I want to share and thought great, they added it. I can share with my Google account but can’t post with it?? Am I missing something?

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