Some Chromecast users are starting to report that they have received the latest firmware update for Google’s TV dongle, and the most prominent change seems to be an even more subdued home screen. Gone is the big “ready to cast” tag line, as well as the Google-colored status bar. Instead, Google is introducing photo credits, an indication that the company may be opening up Chromecast backgrounds to a wider array of sources, possibly at some point including a user’s personal photos. You can check out some photos of the new Chromecast home screen here and here, and join folks speculating about other features of this update on Reddit.

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  1. Could we see ads on the ready to cast screen some day?

  2. Does the Chromecast work in Ireland? or better yet can you purchase the chromecast in Ireland?

    1. i think not..but you can try ebay or amazon

  3. We used to run XBMC on an Eee PC and when idle, it would show our own photos. We really miss this feature and wish Chromecast would give us the option to choose the photos to use whether it’s from a local drive or folder in the cloud.

    We absolutely DO NOT want ads on the Chromecast. If it starts displaying ads, I will toss it out ASAP. We’ve paid for the device, We are paying for (or have created) the content. The device is using our own Internet service and network. How could anyone justify ads?

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