Want to order a Cyber Monday discounted Moto X? Good luck with that

Moto X front top

What could have been a big win for Motorola is shaping up to be a bigger fail. The company announced last week that it would be discounting no-contract Moto X handsets in limited supply on Cyber Monday, with prices starting at $349. However, it doesn’t appear that Motorola’s online ordering system is able to handle the transactions.

motorola home screen

I’ve been to the MotoMaker site a number of times this morning to check it out and I have yet to see the site up and running. Others have been able to get through the order process only to find their handset is costing the full, not discounted price. And even then, those orders haven’t gone through as shown by this example tweet and one of many similar threads on Google+.

I’ve seen situations such as this in the past and often the issue was that the ordering systems weren’t able to handle a discounted price for a limited or very specific time. That’s something that should be tested in advance of course. The fact that the Motorola website is completely down for myself and others, however, is inexcusable to me.

Why? Motorola is a Google company. In other words: This is a company that has built its entire operation on the premise of a faster web experience that can someday rival that of desktop environments. And yet for some reason, on the biggest online shopping day of the year, it can’t manage to keep its home page up and running.

A good hour after the sale was supposed to start, Motorola tweeted the following, offering hope for the discount later:

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