Microsoft and Sony are both vying get your hard-earned money this holiday season. But which game console should you buy: the Xbox One of the PS4?

Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4

Xbox One vs. PS4: What gamers need to know

It’s the launch of an argument that will last for years: which is better for gaming, the Xbox One or the PlayStation 4? While many will argue about specs and features until they are blue in the face, the logical answer is that there really is no clear answer as to which is better — they’re both just different. And if you’re dead set on getting one this holiday season, those key differences should help you make that choice.

From a hardware perspective, the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 both offer supreme graphics and power that are miles ahead of anything we’ve ever seen from a console, so it’s safe to say that jury is still out on which one actually performs better until a larger library of games exist. Instead, it’s more important to look at which features are prioritized.

The PS4 positions itself as the device of choice for hardcore gamers.

The PS4 positions itself as the device of choice for hardcore gamers.

For the PlayStation 4, the key will be the power-user features, which include Gaikai streaming cloud support, immediately accessible real-time game recording through Twitch.tv, and multiroom gaming with the PS Vita and the PS Vita TV (more details on these features here).

For the Xbox One, many of its benefits lie within the tight integration and controls of the Kinect, the grippy new controller system, and the exciting things that can be done with the user interface itself — snapping screens, moving to second screen with SmartGlass mobile apps, and others (more details on these features here).

Of course, it’s also worth looking at the games available on each platform, because all of those features won’t matter if there’s nothing exciting to play. Here are the must-own games for each console, plus the most exciting titles coming up in 2014:

Must-have games for both game consoles

Xbox One PlayStation 4
Games to pick up now Dead Rising 3, Forza 5, Call of Duty: Ghosts, NBA 2K14, Killer Instinct Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition, Battlefield 4, Lego Marvel Super Heroes, Resogun
Games to pick up in 2014 Titanfall, Still-untitled Halo game, Quantum Break WatchDogs, Infamous: Second Son, MLB 14: The Show

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  1. Janko, a couple of things don’t add up in your article: on the gaming page you mention the PS4 can record games using Twitch.tv, but then on the apps table you don’t list twitch.tv on the PS4 side. Also, you list Internet Explorer web browser on the Xbox side, but don’t list the PS4 web browser on the PS4 side. What gives?

  2. Ps4 is better than Xbox one in my opinion

  3. Don’t know what to get! I think i’ll go for PlayStation4

  4. Ahhh, the great conclusion: which one should you buy? Uhhh, it depends actually. Pussies.

  5. Make sure to consider price. The XBOX Gold membership is much pricier. Over ten years, this could REALLY add up. You can watch Netflix on a PS4 without membership. Not so with the Xbox.

    1. so buy the ps4 and enjoy.. I have the Xbox One have been Xbox live member for over 10 yrs. I didn’t buy the Xbox for Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, etc.. They are extras. I’ll pay the price for a great online experience. To play multi- player on the ps4 you need PlayStation premium membership. that cost cash also.. they are both good systems. I may buy the ps4 down the road. (Own; Ps3, 360, original Xbox, Laptop, Desktop etc..) Both systems came out too early. PS3, 360. still have lots of leg left…

  6. Valentine North Sunday, December 1, 2013

    This an article for people who have absolutely no idea what xbox one or ps4 really are and want to add them to xmas gift list.

    Gamers, the ones that actually want these products will buy the console that has the games they want. Meaning, that in a lot of cases, people will buy both.
    Sad, but there you have it, the power of proprietary software.

    Reminds of some times long ago, when a friend had one TV for local channels, and another for foreign ones, because of the PAL/NTSC/SECAM things. Ancient stuff.

  7. Well I have two xbox 360’s and love them, but for my new console I’m buying a PS4 this X-Mas, I don’t like the way xbox one is more expensive with inferior hardware, I mean I know people are loyal but I would like to think they’re not stupid, why on earth wouldn’t I get a gaming console that is just that, A GAMING CONSOLE, so therefore my choice of PS4, better hardware, $100 dlls. cheaper, also, MS would have stick it to us with their bs DRM if it wasn’t for most gamers ranting about it. So MS tried to fuck me first, guess what, fuck you back, I’ll simply buy a PS4. Good luck to the rest of you on your choice. =)

  8. PS4 end of story!

  9. thanks for the head up ps4 love ps all so far…player 4 life….

  10. Im not sure which is “better” per say. I think that is for everyone to decide for themselves since there are 2 different selling points – A) Gaming and B) Entertainment.
    If your a gamer I think the PS4 next year would b the best option, if they expand their payment methods – I dont think the paysafecard, GW, etc are yet accepted methods.
    If your into entertainment then prob the xbox… unless ur a huge Microsoft fan and just like to support their games.

  11. I have all three systems and have only turned on the PS3 a few times in the past year. XBOX live is way better, not even close. PS3 should have been a better machine but just wasn’t. I think the same is true here.


  13. Wii U has better games

  14. buy the one that you FIND !

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