Black Friday means that you can save money on devices like Google’s Chromecast, the new Roku 2 or even an Apple TV. Here are the best deals for cord cutters.

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You know what’s even better than a Black Friday deal? A Black Friday deal that helps you to save money during the rest of the year by making it possible to cut down on your expensive cable bill. That’s why we put together a special list of Black Friday deals just for cord cutters:

  • Chromecast: Best Buy will have Google’s Chromecast for $30 on Black Friday, which is $5 below the regular price, and there’s word that Amazon will have the same offer, but the exact timing of that offer is still unclear. In addition, buying a Chromecast at Amazon, Best Buy or Google Play will get you a $6 coupon for a Google Play movie rental.
  • Roku: Roku is selling the Roku 2 for $60, which is $20 off the regular price. The offer starts Thursday morning and runs through Cyber Monday, and is available through Roku’s website.
  • Apple TV: Target is selling Apple TVs for $89, compared to the regular $100.
  • Plair: The new Plair 2 media streaming adapter is $39 on Amazon and Plair.com, which is $10 off the regular price. This deal is available Friday-Monday.
  • Channel Master: The subscription-free DVR offers a 15% off deal until 12/2.
  • Winegard antennas: Winegard is offering up to $30 savings on its indoor antennas from Thursday-Monday.
  • Plex: Media center maker Plex is selling its iOS, Android and Windows apps for $2, as opposed to the regular $5.
  • Bonus freebie: Our regular contributor Liz Shannon Miller has written an ebook called The Skip It/Watch It Guides that tells you which episodes of shows like West Wing, New Girl or Star Trek you can skip, and she’s giving the Kindle version away for free on Black Friday.

Did you find any other good deals? Leave your links in the comments below!

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  1. And, as always, XBMC and Plex apps remain free on platforms which are based on XBMC, aka the It That Shall Not Be Named.

  2. What about XBMC or is it not on your list of sponsors?

  3. Some more good black friday deals here http://dealdump.com

  4. So the question is to gigaom.com, why did you forget to mention XBMC but remembered to talk about Plex which is based on XBMC?

  5. XBMC is all we use for “cutting the cord”. Better than anything else we’ve looked into.

  6. gvie me a WDTV live or live hub over a Roku any day. Does everything Roku does plus will play local content over wifi/lan

  7. lol, what the heck doe XBMC have to do with Blackfriday deals? Dont spam just because you want to hate plex because if its success.

    1. There are plenty of digital media players and set-top boxes out there that comes with XBMC preinstalled, then you have to consider all the Android 4.x based digital media players, HDMI sticks, and set-top boxes that also all support XBMC.

      1. Again, this is not a review article, its a list of black friday deals. Stop being a Troll!

  8. Yeah poor move mentioning Plex but not XBMC which have a much larger community and userbase!

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