Even with more powerful phones out on the market, I still consider the Moto X to be among the best Android phones you can buy today. But you don’t want to buy one today; if you can wait until Monday, you’ll save $150. Motorola is holding a special deal on all no-contract Moto X handsets and that includes custom Moto Maker versions and the unlocked Developer Editions. A 16 GB model will cost $349 while $399 will get you a 32 GB version. According to Motorola’s John Rinaldi, the sale starts at 8am on Monday and supply will be limited.

  1. Thanks for the details. Planning to use in Asia & Europe.

    (1) Do you recommend to choose the AT&T version or T-Mobile version ?

    (2) In US, T-Mobile data $30 plan (5GB data + 100minutes) is cheapest. If I go with T-Mobile, Can I use the Moto-X in the $30 plan ?

    Thanks again,

    1. Don’t get the AT&T version if you’ll be using it abroad, as it’ll be sim locked to AT&T. Get the T-Mobile version, I had one and it was mostly unlocked (I had problems with particular sims). I returned it and got a gsm developer edition, and have had no problems with any sims. The gsm developer edition has all the US T-Mobile bands anyway. I’d go with the developer edition, unless wou want to motomaker customise it.

  2. Motorola site has been giving internal server errors rather than black friday deals. I contacts technical support and they told me the site us updating and to check back in 30 minutes. great…


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