You should now have an easier time searching for the apps you want in Apple’s App Store, according to a report that its search engine has been refined.

App Store search engine
photo: Gigaom

If you’re not the best speller, or you just can’t type well on a touch screen, Apple’s App Store will no longer penalize you for it. According to a report from Tech Crunch, Apple has implemented some changes to its App Store search engine that improve its search results when dealing with misspelled words and typos.

I’ve had trouble searching the App Store in the past. My spelling is fine, but there have been instances in which I’ve been unsure about spacing in an app name. For instance – is it RunKeeper or Run Keeper? I’m still not sure (I just checked; it’s RunKeeper.) And misspellings like these would actually prevent you from seeing the correct app in the past. I just tried it again now, and even with the incorrect spacing, the first result I got was the right one.

According to the report, the changes went into effect a few weeks ago. This is undoubtedly helpful to iPhone users, but it should also be good news to developers, who won’t have to worry about potential buyers unable to find their apps.

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