Apple has confirmed a one-day shopping event in stores and online this Friday, November 29.

Apple Black Friday

Get your browsers ready. Apple has confirmed that it will be holding a “one-day Apple shopping event” this Friday, November 29. That was pretty much already a given, but what’s more interesting is speculating what will be on sale.

As you can see in this ad on Apple’s Australian site, it looks like iPads, EarPods and Smart Cases are likely to be included. Last year Apple offered up to $41 off of iPads and $101 off of MacBooks, among a number of other price reductions. Those don’t sound like huge savings, but Apple rarely offers sales otherwise.

The promotion is taking place in Apple’s retail stores and online. I’m more likely to be eating leftovers than standing in line on Black Friday, but I’ll be browsing Apple’s store online, as I got a pretty sweet deal on some Bowers & Wilkins headphones a couple of years ago.

  1. Love those earphones.

  2. Robert Hancock Monday, November 25, 2013

    It would be nice if they did this in ALL Apple Stores WORLDWIDE.
    Japan stores have never gotten these deals, despite being a key profit center for Apple.

  3. you can even buy from iphone…sweet

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