Nokia’s $499 Lumia 2520 tablet is priced $50 higher than Microsoft’s own Surface 2, mainly because it comes with an integrated LTE radio. Neither come with a keyboard at that price, but for a limited time, Nokia is providing a free Power Keyboard with its tablet. The normally priced $149 keyboard cover has a battery inside, which adds five hours of run-time to the tablet. The offer ends on December 2, and you’ll have to send this form in by January 31 to receive the Power Keyboard in the mail.

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  1. Does an LTE radio really cost anywhere close to $50 or $100? I sincerely doubt it. They must be making them by the hundreds of millions.

    1. Of course not, then again, you always pay more than the BOM when OEMs add new features. That’s how they make money.

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