Alpine Data Labs, a San Francisco-based startup that has its roots in Greenplum, has raised a $16 million series B round of venture capital from Sierra Ventures, Mission Ventures, UMC Capital and Robert Bosch Venture Capital. The company touts its usefulness even to non-data scientists, who can create visual analytic workflows without having to write code as with a program like R. Additionally, Alpine analyzes data within the the database (or Hadoop) itself, so users don’t have to bother themselves with sampling or moving data.

  1. Prof java developer Saturday, November 23, 2013

    How is this different from Platfora?

  2. Platfora is a visualization vendor that focused on Hadoop. Alpine is an Advanced Analytics solution for Hadoop and Big Data (inclusive of MPP databases like Greenplum).

    If you think about the space as a three layer cake – infrastructure with the distro guys (Cloudera, HW, MapR), the vizualization vendors (Tableau, Platfora), Alpine sits on top to provide Data Science to the business analysts (that’s the 3rd layer). Other vendors there include SAS).

    Check out our site @ http://www.alpinenow.com – you’ll find more answers there, including pricing model and demo – let me know if you need anything else.


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