The invites are out for an AT&T Moto X soak test, which means we should be seeing an official KitKat update soon.

Android KitKat
photo: Google

Motorola surprised everyone on Tuesday when it announced that Moto X KitKat updates were rolling out – to Verizon users. But now it looks like AT&T shouldn’t be far behind, as the carrier has reportedly sent out soak test invites.

The invite, which made its way to Android Central, doesn’t mention Android 4.4 specifically. But “an early preview of a new software release” pretty much gives us all we need to infer that it’s a tasty serving of KitKat.

The Moto X KitKat soak test for Verizon went live just a day before the carrier pushed out the official update to all users. The AT&T update might not show up tomorrow, but it’s safe to say that you can expect it to arrive pretty soon.

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