Now that Google has introduced Portable Native Client, developers can use traditional programming languages to create apps that run on the Chrome platform regardless of the chip inside the device: x86, ARM or MIPS.

Pixel gaming

Chrome apps are still few and far between but this week, Google provided developers with another set of tools to change the situation. PNaCl, which stands for Portable Native Client — or “Pinnacle” — can turn apps created in C or C++ into near native software that runs on any machine, on- or offline, that has the Chrome browser installed. That, of course, includes Chromebooks and Chromeboxes, and pretty much any other computer, tablet or phone that uses chips built on x86, ARM or MIPS architecture.

We discuss the implications for that on this week’s Chrome Show podcast, while also defending the misguided thought that “Chrome is just a browser.” Tune in below or download the podcast here to listen in on the conversation.

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