It just got a little bit easier to put custom ROM software on certain Android phones: The CyanogenMod (CM) installer app is now available in the Google Play Store. Only certain devices are currently supported and you’ll need a Windows PC (for now) to complete the process, but the app will root your Android device if needed and install the CM ROM. Without this “one touch” install, the process is a bit arcane, requiring the Android SDK, specific terminal commands and various downloads. CyanogenMod raised $7 million earlier this year to turn the custom ROM effort into a full-fledged company. Oppo also sells an edition of its N1 phone with CM preinstalled.

  1. Hope they will increase the number of the devices supported.

  2. The app is great, I installed CyanogenMod on my S3 two days ago and cleaned the rubbish touchWiz thing. I know nothing about playing with a smartphone but the app makes it like installing a printer on your home printer, few minutes of very easy steps and you are done. ByeBye Samsung TouchWiz and I will do the same with my other phone, S4 Mini once the app will be compatible with it. Thanks CyanogenMod ppl, you are awesome….

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