This year has seen many product refreshes for Apple (a aapl) — including the super high-end Mac Pro — but the Apple TV system has been suspiciously absent from the proceedings. But it’s coming soon, if an analyst report spotlighted by 9to5Mac is on target. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicts that in 2014, Apple TV will use an A7 chip, but that the long-term goal is a set-top box in 2015 or 2016. Both products are reasonably predictable — the A7 upgrade is an easy one to make, and Apple already has patents for a set-top box in place — so it’s worth keeping in mind.

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  1. we have one set of eyes, two ears, a mouth, one brain, i think were sunk with technology, i guess it’s why they are re inventing everything and running out of ideas, you’d think they’d be putting more effort into preserving the minds of people rather than exploiting at every opp,

    1. @ bwcarey – are you kidding me – geez… Lighten up a bit

      1. there is only so much technology can do, and so many are addicted already, and it’s not pretty when young folks cant have a conversation, and as for lighten up, i’m the laziest dude on the planet, almost, happy days

  2. Maybe they could aim to fix the issues with tthe existing Apple TVs before moving on to a new one?

    1. how would you detail the problems?

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