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We shared a user recommended app list on our weekly Chrome Show podcast that could come in handy if you use Chrome OS or even the Chrome browser. Plus, we take a deeper dive into new Chrome features for the Android beta client.


While the number of standalone Chrome apps is relatively small, it continues to grow. And that means you have more options when using a Chromebook, or even a traditional computer that has the Chrome browser installed.

On our most recent Chrome Show podcast, we highlighted a list of Chrome apps from Google’s Joe Marini that can be used for coding or offline text editing that’s worth the look. We also discussed some new features found in the Chrome Beta for Android and some code that hints at Chrome OS being tested with Nvidia’s Tegra 4 chips. Tune in below for the whole episode or download it here.

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  1. The Chrome OS will be massive. It’s still pretty early days but I have no doubts whatsoever that it will be massive.

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