Netflix teamed up with Disney for a super-powered original content deal that will bring more than four TV new exclusive TV shows to the service.

photo: Marvel

Unleash the superlatives: Netflix’s next original content gamble is super-sized and superpowered. The streaming service teamed up with Disney’s Marvel TV unit to bring not just one but four superhero-themed TV shows exclusively to its service, with each show focusing on a different hero, including Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist and Luke Cage.

Each of these shows will consist of one 13 episode-long season, and they’ll all culminate in a Defenders miniseries that brings the four heroes together. The whole endeavor will unfold over multiple years, and first episodes will be available on Netflix in 2015. These shows are a great get for Netflix in part because the content appeals across generations, speaking both to older children and comic book fans who are kids at heart.

This isn’t the first time for Netflix to team up with Disney. Netflix is already carrying a number of ABC shows, and the two companies announced a big movie distribution deal at the end of last year. That deal has opened up Disney classics to Netflix’s audience, and will also exclusively bring new Disney movies to the service — but not until 2016. 

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