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If you’ve been interested in activity tracking but have yet to spring for a wristband that will do so, Nike’s free Nike+ Move app will give the iPhone 5S Fuelband functionality. The app, which was shown onstage at the iPhone 5S debut, uses the phone’s M7 coprocessor to convert movement into NikeFuel — the company’s metric for representing users’ activity. Users can track averages, “win” hours by engaging in more activity, track walking and challenge friends.  For those who prefer the wristband, the app also pairs with the forthcoming Fuelband SE to make activity tracking more social with training groups.

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  1. Hi Lauren,

    It’s interesting to note that such activity monitoring tech converged with mobiles in markets like Japan several years ago. Not just in high end devices either eg. their Easy-to-use Raku Raku mobiles that are typically bought by senior citizens:


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