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Nvidia is pushing out a software update to its portable Shield gaming console, bringing both Android 4.3 and game button mapping. The latter feature allows Shield owners to use the hardware controls for touchscreen-optimized Android games. This could help boost demand a bit for the $299 handheld.  Prior to the update the Shield only supported a few dozen games that natively worked with the buttons, sticks and triggers.

Nvidia is also offering the Shield for $199 with the purchase of select GeForce GTX graphics cards; the deal also includes free game titles. It’s a smart move to bundle a Shield promo with a graphics card because PC games can be streamed to the handheld device for playback with the right card.

  1. This is the only niche device that is even remotely garnering my attention. The stream from PC and Andriod mix appeals to this non-console PC gamer.

    If the bundled it with the router to stream PC titles at the $199 price point I would be all over it. I already have the video card this works with.


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