The government has finally set a deadline for fixing the troubled HealthCare.gov.  According to a Reuters report, Jeffrey Zients, the Obama administration’s new point man for the project, said the site would be working “successfully and smoothly” for the “vast majority” of consumers by the end of November. The news comes after a week of Congressional hearings and statements by the president about the rocky rollout of the new online health insurance exchanges. The administration is under pressure to show progress but will undoubtedly face a new round of criticism if it fails to meet its new goal.

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  1. Don’t the Democrats know that the ACA is the “law of the land”. They just told everybody it cannot be delayed. Just wait till you see the doctor waiting rooms in a few years. THe http://ObamaCareACA.com web site explains some pretty grim outlooks for the future.

  2. They also said you could keep your old insurance.

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