We all should probably drink more water. I know that when I track my consumption, I’m barely getting 32 ounces, nowhere near the recommended amount. Sure there are bottles like this one, where you can just flick a counter mechanism to track consumption, or you can log it via an app, but I always forget. That’s why this Kickstarter for connected water bottle with an accelerometer and weight sensor caught my eye. At $70 this is pricey, but I love the automated water tracking. And hopefully over time, that price goes down.

  1. Matej Marjanovič Friday, October 25, 2013

    Thanks for posting about us. Don’t forget that they still have EARLY BIRDS and they are priced ad $59 =)

  2. REALLY!! $60 to $70 for a water bottle. I think I can track my own water intake at that price!!


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