HBO doesn’t want to sell you direct access to its programming online. But Comcast now came up with an offering that is intended to lure in all those who only want HBO.

HBO True Blood
photo: HBO

Love HBO, but hate paying for expensive cable bundles? Comcast’s got a deal for you: The cable provider just started to promote a new offering dubbed “Internet Plus” that consists of internet access, HBO and local TV channels for $40 a month.

The package is specifically geared towards users accustomed to streaming, and also includes access to Comcast’s Streampix offering. Broadband Reports first noted Thursday that such an offering might be in the works, but a quick Google search revealed that Comcast has already started to market Internet Plus to prospective customers.

Check out a screenshot of the offering below:

comcast internet plus

It’s worth noting that the Internet Plus pricing is only valid for 12 months, after which the price would go up to $70 per month. There are also the typical monthly fees and charges, but no long-term contract.

HBO has long said that it doesn’t want to sell its service directly to consumers, in part because having cable companies work as its sales force has been working pretty well for the company. However, Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes, whose company owns HBO recently brought up the idea of bundling HBO with broadband plans, calling it “an offer you can’t refuse.”

Now we know what he was talking about.

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  1. They have done this in Sweden for a long time, works great.

  2. It’s a start. I hope the HBO fans gobble this up so that this business model someday support a network I personally would rather watch, I.e., not HBO.

  3. Just told by service rep it’s “Not available in your area” (San Francisco)

  4. If they are targeting cord cutters, they should not be bundling local channels. Cord cutters have already figured out that old-fangled thing called an ANTENNA.

  5. If they are going to unbundle how about allowing HBO2go to work on roku boxes.

  6. HEY COMCAST, neither you or your frackkin bedmate HBO are worth $4 per month. You can only exploit consumers for so long until they are tired of it and kick your butt to the curb!

    1. YES. They are saying HBO is worth $10.00. Unless you are saying your local channels are worth $6 a month. Which they aren’t, I pay $0.00 for them.

  7. $70.00/month? For 25MB Internet, Local channels that I already get for free OTA, and HBO? Still too much.

    How about $50.00/month for 15 MB Internet plus HBO and Showtime. That might tempt me.

  8. Can anyone post the link to this bundle? I tried scavenging the website, but without any success.

  9. not a bad offer. I wonder if TWC will match it. I cut TV a while back i pay $35 forinternet only for lets says $10-12 more after taxes and fees for local channels and HBO? That’s not a bad offer.

  10. Go buy yourself $8 bunny ears and get those stations for free.

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